Come and help – Volunteer at Ons Plek!

Ons Plek provides a variety of opportunities for both local and international volunteers to play an active role in the lives of the children. Volunteers and interns enrich the lives of the girls, and find their own lives changed and enlarged by the experience.



Group Visits

Please feel free to read further information: Group visits letter and Confidentiality Policy


Do you have an hour or two per week available for the next year or so?

Internships or volunteer work.

Are you a student anywhere in the world?

Do you want to do your internship somewhere where you can also make a real difference?

Are you studying child care work, social work, education, occupational therapy, psychology or recreational studies?

Would you be able to take the initiative to fund your own costs during an internship?

Internship letter

Experiences of Foreign Students – from the horses mouth


Are there any rules and regulations I will be bound by as a volunteer or intern?

Volunteer Committment form


Do you want to apply for any of the above?

Volunteer Application Form

Do you want to have a look at the commitment you will need to make if you are selected?

Conditions of Volunteering and Confidentiality Policy


Legal requirements:

The Department of Social Development requires the following as part of the screening process (Ons Plek Projects are registered Child and Youth Care Centres with the Department of Social Development)

A certified copy of I.D./passport

Form 29 section 1  to be completed for screening against the Sexual Offenders Register.


Practical Considerations for working in the Philippi area (Ukondla Programmes):

To work in Philippi you need your own car and insurance, at your own expense. It is a 40 km return trip to the centre of Cape Town.

Confidentiality policy

Please, in the best interests of the children we serve, read and adhere to this, however harmless this may seem to you to disregard this.

All photographs on this website have been taken or edited/altered to protect the identities of the girls. Nobody – staff, funders, volunteers, interns, board members, or anyone else associated – may take photographs of children in the programmes for use in publicity in any form, and/or on the internet in public AND personal internet spaces. This includes all professional and social networking sites including facebook, You Tube, company websites, personal blogs, etc. Adults affiliated with Ons Plek may not invite or accept invitations to share information online with the children. For the same reasons we ask our supporters not to send photographs of activities you have particpated in with us to any staff, volunteers etc on a formal or informal basis in case someone inadvertently puts identifying photographs of children online. All photographs are to be sent to the Director only for her decision on what is used publically. A child in South African law is any person under the age of 18 years, but in terms of Ons Plek’s policies this would extend to all our clients’ right to confidentiality.

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