Family reunification

Our main goal – family reunification

Back with my family.

Nowhere like home.

The overall goal of Ons Plek Projects is to enable children to gain the skills which they need to live as functioning members of society. To do this we provide a number of programmes including physical care, psychological care, re-unification with families, skills development, educational skills and social skills. Every programme contributes to the process of re-integration into families and society

If community re-integration and family re-unification fails, the same process enables them to engage constructively in society. A range of skills training and development programmes are provided while the community re-integration and family re-unification process proceeds. Every activity we offer has a goal and purpose in the children’s lives

A major focus of our programme is re-unification with families. For details on the Intervention Programmes, Life Skills and Skills Training Relevant to Achieve the Re-unification Goals of Ons Plek.    Read more about family reunification…

Just being a child in my own neighbourhood.